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Richard Dalby

The Virago Book Of Ghost Stories by Richard Dalby

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“The Virago Book of Ghost Stories” is an anthology compiled by Richard Dalby and published by Virago Press. This collection brings together a captivating selection of ghost stories from various authors, showcasing the haunting and eerie side of literature.

Richard Dalby, a respected editor and expert in the field of horror and ghost stories, has curated this anthology with great care. The book features a diverse range of tales, spanning different time periods and styles, and includes both well-known authors and lesser-known voices in the genre.

Within the pages of “The Virago Book of Ghost Stories,” readers can expect to encounter a multitude of supernatural encounters, chilling apparitions, and otherworldly occurrences. The stories encompass a wide range of themes, from classic haunted houses to vengeful spirits, mysterious curses, and encounters with the unknown.

This anthology offers readers a chance to explore the spectral realm through the imaginations of talented writers. The tales within are crafted to evoke a sense of unease, building suspense and leaving readers with a lingering sense of the uncanny.

“The Virago Book of Ghost Stories” is a perfect choice for those who enjoy the thrill of the supernatural, seeking to be transported to a world where the boundaries between the living and the dead blur. With its carefully curated selection of haunting narratives, this anthology promises to keep readers engrossed, captivated, and perhaps even a little spooked, page after page.


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