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Orhan Pamuk

The Museum of Innocence by Orhan Pamuk

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The Museum Of Innocence is set in Istanbul, from 1975 to 1984. The book is an account of Kemal, a wealthy business man from a prominent family who is engaged to be married to Sibel, the daughter from another prominent family. Two months before the wedding, while buying a handbag for his fiance, Kemal meets the shop girl Fusun, who is also a distant relative. The following month and a half has the two in an intense emotional and physical relationship. Kemal experiences the happiest moments of his life while making love on the day Fusun confesses her love for him. Although it is obvious that Kemal feels the same way, he denies it to himself, believing that his marriage and affair could both last. His affair is brought to an abrupt end when Fusun disappears after attending his engagement. What follows is a year full of painful yet sweet memories and regrets during which he is forced to derive consolation from objects and places that remind him of his love. Fusun finally responds to his letters after he calls off the wedding. Fusun, now married, meets him as a distant relative. Kemal now frequents her house and these visits will go on for eight years. Finally, following the death of Fusun’s father, circumstances lead to the dissolution of Fusun’s marriage. What happens after this make the story.

11 reviews for The Museum of Innocence by Orhan Pamuk

  1. kittu prabhas (Verified Purchase)

    There are books which makes you cringe up to a point where you want to run away from it. Yet you want to read them to know the story, to understand what it is that everyone loved so much or despised so much. Sometime to know in which category you fall and sometimes just for the sake of finishing the book. This one got my mixed reviews.

  2. Pratheesh KR (Verified Purchase)

    this is awesome book which doesn’t allow you to leave it. it is like an addiction and obsession to me.

  3. Anuj Kochhar (Verified Purchase)

    just soo real life story of love dedication & an eye opener . must read book

  4. Ruchi Jain (Verified Purchase)

    Although the writing is exceptional, the characters deep and hugely colourful, this I’m afraid was a bit of a dirge. I can hang on, 100 years solitude, Love in a time of cholera etc etc, but this was soo indulgent.

  5. Mandar Dahale (Verified Purchase)

    Splendid. Really good in condition. Thanks to Old Book Depot!

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