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Hans J. Eysenck

Fact and Fiction in Psychology by H. J. Eysenck (Vintage 1970 Edition)

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“Facts and Fiction in Psychology” is a book written by H. J. Eysenck, a prominent British psychologist known for his work in personality psychology and psychometrics. Published in 1965, the book explores various misconceptions and controversies in the field of psychology, aiming to clarify the distinction between empirical evidence and speculative theories.

In “Facts and Fiction in Psychology,” Eysenck critically examines a range of topics, including psychoanalysis, behaviorism, intelligence testing, and the effectiveness of psychotherapy. Drawing on empirical research and scientific evidence, he challenges popular beliefs and myths while advocating for a more rigorous and scientific approach to psychological inquiry.

The book is divided into chapters, each addressing a different aspect of psychology and highlighting common misconceptions or unsupported claims. Eysenck’s writing is clear, concise, and accessible, making complex psychological concepts understandable to a general audience.

“Facts and Fiction in Psychology” is considered a seminal work in the field of psychology, offering valuable insights into the nature of scientific inquiry and the importance of critical thinking in evaluating psychological theories and claims. Eysenck’s skepticism and commitment to empirical evidence continue to influence contemporary debates and discussions within the field of psychology.


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