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Dune: The Battle of Corrin by Brian Herbert

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“Dune: The Battle of Corrin” is the third and final novel in the “Legends of Dune” trilogy, which is a prequel series to Frank Herbert’s original “Dune” series. However, it’s important to note that “Dune: The Battle of Corrin” is not written by Frank Herbert himself, but by Brian Herbert, Frank Herbert’s son, along with co-author Kevin J. Anderson.

In “Dune: The Battle of Corrin,” the story takes place thousands of years before the events of Frank Herbert’s “Dune.” It explores the final conflict of the Butlerian Jihad, a war between humanity and the thinking machines known as Omnius. The book depicts the epic battle that occurs on the planet Corrin, where humanity, led by the heroic figures of Serena Butler and Xavier Harkonnen, faces the formidable forces of Omnius and the robotic Synchronized Worlds.

The events of “Dune: The Battle of Corrin” set the stage for the subsequent rise of the noble Houses, the formation of the Spacing Guild, and the beginning of the interstellar empire depicted in Frank Herbert’s original “Dune” series.

It’s worth noting that opinions on the “Legends of Dune” trilogy, including “Dune: The Battle of Corrin,” vary among fans of the original “Dune” series. Some readers appreciate the expanded universe and backstory provided by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, while others prefer Frank Herbert’s original works.


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