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“Bag of Bones” is a horror novel written by the prolific American author Stephen King. It was first published in 1998 and is known for its blend of supernatural horror, psychological suspense, and elements of the gothic novel.

The story follows the life of Mike Noonan, a successful novelist, who is grieving the sudden loss of his wife, Jo. In an attempt to heal from his grief and writer’s block, Mike retreats to his lakeside cabin in the fictional town of TR-90 (in Maine). There, he begins experiencing strange and disturbing events. He discovers a connection between his cabin and a local woman named Sara Laughs, who was a famous blues singer in the 1930s and had a tragic past.

As Mike delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding Sara Laughs and the lake, he encounters both supernatural and real-world threats. He forms a bond with Mattie Devore, a young single mother, and her daughter, Kyra, who are also connected to the haunting history of the area. Together, they must confront the malevolent forces that seem to be linked to Sara Laughs and the lake.

“Bag of Bones” explores themes of grief, loss, the creative process, and the supernatural. It’s notable for its character-driven narrative, atmospheric writing, and intricate plot that gradually unveils its mysteries. As with many of Stephen King’s works, it combines elements of horror with rich character development and emotional depth.

The novel has been praised by both fans of the horror genre and literary critics for its ability to blend supernatural elements with a deep exploration of human emotions and relationships. It’s a gripping and haunting tale that has become a favorite among Stephen King’s extensive body of work.

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    Conditon of book was good. Packing was average but sufficient to keep book safe. Too much use of plastic should have been avoided. Think about planet as well.

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