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John Fowles

A Maggot by John Fowles

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“A Maggot” is a historical mystery novel written by John Fowles, published in 1985. The novel is set in 1736 and combines elements of historical fiction, mystery, and metafiction. It presents an intricate and multi-layered narrative that challenges the reader to piece together the puzzle.

The story revolves around a group of travelers, including a noblewoman named Lady Harriet and her entourage, as they journey through the English countryside. However, as the title suggests, a mysterious “maggot” (a term used in the 18th century to refer to a whim or fancy) is at the heart of the narrative.

The novel is constructed as a series of fragmented narratives, including transcripts of conversations, journal entries, letters, and testimonies from various characters involved in the journey. Through these different perspectives, the reader is presented with differing interpretations and conflicting accounts of the events that unfold.

As the travelers progress, Lady Harriet suddenly disappears, prompting a search for her whereabouts. The mystery deepens as it becomes clear that Lady Harriet’s disappearance is connected to a secret society, occult practices, political intrigue, and religious fanaticism.

Throughout the narrative, Fowles explores themes such as power dynamics, societal constraints, the clash between reason and faith, and the subjective nature of truth. The novel challenges the reader to question their own assumptions and judgments while unraveling the enigma presented.

“A Maggot” is known for its complex and unconventional structure, blending historical accuracy with fictional storytelling. Fowles employs his signature narrative experimentation, inviting readers to actively engage in the unraveling of the mystery and to question their own understanding of the events.

The novel has garnered praise for its literary ambition and Fowles’ skillful execution of a challenging and enigmatic narrative. However, it is worth noting that “A Maggot” is often considered one of Fowles’ more complex and divisive works, as its unconventional structure and elusive nature may not appeal to all readers.


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