You Were My Crush By Durjoy Datta

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You Were My Crush Till You Said You Love Me!’ is yet another classic read by Durjoy Dutta, which talks about the protagonist Benoy and his tribulations in the real world. The book will provoke you to think about your relationships. The story forces you to introspect within yourself as it elaborates how every human being has a dark side. And sometimes, this darker side wins and overpowers the veneers of humanity that we try to disguise it with.

The author tries to give the message that in order for a long time relationship to work and stay stable, one needs to realise his/her limitations and develop an understanding. The book also throws light upon the unorthodox love between parents and children. The book reinstates the fact that without a family, you are left feeling eternally empty. The novel depicts the transformation of Benoy as he meets Diya who turns him from a reckless man to a responsible and sincere one. The book leaves us enlightened with a lot of meaningful messages, about family, love and life.




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