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August Strindberg

Three Plays: The Father, Easter & Miss Julia by August Strindberg (Vintage 1958 Penguin Classics)

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“Three Plays: The Father, Easter & Miss Julie” is a collection of plays by the renowned Swedish playwright August Strindberg.

1. **”The Father”**: This play, written in 1887, explores themes of gender dynamics, power struggles, and psychological manipulation within a family. It centers around Captain Adolph, his wife Laura, and their conflicting desires regarding the upbringing of their daughter Bertha. The play delves into the complexities of marriage, parenthood, and the battle for control.

2. **”Easter”**: Also known as “Easter” (“Påsk” in Swedish), this play was written in 1901. It portrays the lives of a group of artists and intellectuals who gather for an Easter celebration at a country house. The play delves into themes of love, jealousy, and the search for meaning in life, as the characters confront their desires and aspirations.

3. **”Miss Julie”**: Written in 1888, “Miss Julie” is perhaps Strindberg’s most famous work. Set on Midsummer’s Eve, the play depicts the complex relationship between the aristocratic Miss Julie and her father’s valet, Jean. Their passionate and volatile interactions reveal the class divide and power dynamics at play, leading to tragic consequences.

These plays are renowned for their psychological depth, realism, and exploration of social and existential themes. Strindberg’s works have had a significant influence on modern drama and continue to be studied and performed worldwide.


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