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Walter Isaacson

Steve Jobs (Hardcover)

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The book provides unique insights into thoughts and life of Steve Jobs, a man who literally transformed the digital lifestyle that billions of people all over the world have made part of their lives today. Written by renowned author Walter Isaacson, the autobiography is based on more than forty interviews with Steve Jobs. It took nearly two years to conduct all these interviews; some interesting conversations from family, friends, competitors and colleagues are also included in the autobiography.



12 reviews for Steve Jobs (Hardcover)

  1. Pritam Malhotra (Verified Purchase)

    Very interesting book. Since its so bulky i bought Hardcover edition as the text size is bigger and it’s easier on the eyes.

  2. Shreyas Bhide (Verified Purchase)

    This book goes through all the ups and downs of his social and professional life, covering all the intricacies involved during his lifetime which led to the birth of Apple as it is today. It also explains his reality distortion field which played a very crucial role in developing a remarkable user friendly products.

  3. Hemand Saha (Verified Purchase)

    You don’t have to be fan of Apple Products to buy this book and appreciate Steve Jobs. I recommend to read this, to those who love apple and Jobs but I insist to those who hate him. You will love him by the time you reach the end and wish there was more to read.

  4. Abhishek Singh (Verified Purchase)

    Book is in excellent condition. Its must read to understand the genius brain and Steve Jobs. How he struggled in personal life and excelled professionally.

  5. Vidya Subramanium (Verified Purchase)

    Steve Jobs is a very complex character. There was parts in book where you will despise him and the there are parts where you will adore him. Its a great read. Go for it.

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