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Scarlet And Black by Stendhal (Penguin Classics)

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“Scarlet and Black,” originally titled “Le Rouge et le Noir,” is a novel written by the French author Stendhal (pen name of Marie-Henri Beyle). Published in 1830, the novel is considered one of the seminal works of 19th-century French literature and a prime example of the psychological realist novel.

The novel is set in post-Napoleonic France and revolves around the life of its protagonist, Julien Sorel. Julien, a young and ambitious man of humble origins, aspires to rise above his social status and make his mark in society. He is particularly drawn to the idea of climbing the social ladder through intellect and cunning rather than traditional means.

The story explores Julien’s journey as he navigates the complex web of social interactions, politics, and romantic entanglements. He becomes a tutor to the children of the wealthy and influential de Rênal family, where he engages in an affair with Madame de Rênal. Later, he moves to Paris and takes up a clerical position in the household of the influential Marquis de La Môle. There, he falls in love with Mathilde de La Môle, the daughter of the Marquis.

The title “Scarlet and Black” refers to the contrasting colors associated with the different social classes and ideologies of the time. “Scarlet” represents the Church and aristocracy, while “Black” symbolizes the military and republican ideals. Julien’s attempts to navigate these conflicting forces mirror his struggle to reconcile his personal ambitions with his desires and emotions.

The novel is known for its exploration of themes such as social ambition, hypocrisy, love, and the clash between individual desires and societal expectations. Stendhal’s psychological insights into the characters’ motivations and inner conflicts, as well as his sharp commentary on the political and social landscape of his time, make “Scarlet and Black” a complex and engaging work.


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