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Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham

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The Legacy of Courtroom Dramas

John Grisham is popularly known for his novels that revolve around court-room dramas, lawyers, the big players and their black money. With novels such as The Firm which was made into a major motion picture starring Tom Cruise, Grisham has set a benchmark for himself and he has kept raising the bar ever since with his novels like ‘The Summons’ and ‘The Pelican Brief’. Continuing this legacy of courtroom dramas, lawyers and their high-end clients, the author has written the ‘Rogue Lawyer’ which is one of his most recent and acclaimed works.

Powerful Characters

Every character in this book is very powerful in his and her shoes and Grisham has portrayed the character of Sebastian Rudd in an excellent manner. Equipping him with everything that anyone would ever want, the rogue lawyer has been portrayed as a desirable personality. In those regards, this novel draws some similarities with The King of Torts. The book mostly revolves around this character of Rudd and it is him around whom the whole story has been woven.



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