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Amy Cuddy

Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges

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Presence’, as Harvard professor Amy Cuddy describes it is a state of mind where a person stops perturbing about the impression that he makes on others and starts worrying about his impression in his own eyes. In the book, she describes ways to attain this level of subconscious thinking by constantly nudging and tweaking the person’s body language and behaviour.

The book can be used to understand the basics of body language and as a motivational channel towards building up self-confidence for women who wish to succeed in business. Cuddy describes some ways in which the true self can be summoned and nurtured to create an enigmatic personality; she begins with unfolding ways in which the body affects the mind, which in turn works with the body to bring about changes in us and our environment.

Scientific research reveals how most first judgments are made based on body language, this could mean that by simply altering body positions, one can alter the impression that they form on people around them. This personal power can help the reader steer clear of hurdles, instead of dreading them and executing them with anxiety.

After her TED talk on body language, Amy has spurred millions to embrace ‘power-poses’ in business and other endeavours. Meanwhile, she attempts to present the science that lies beneath these body language tactics with the book. The book is also filled with stories of individuals that overcame their fears and stresses using this science. With the help of the book a reader can replace dread with confidence and regret with satisfaction, and walk with poise towards success.



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