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Plutarch’s Lives of Greek Heroes (Antique 1913 Hardcover)

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Plutarch’s Lives of Greek Heroes” likely refers to the collection of biographies written by the ancient Greek historian and essayist Plutarch. Plutarch is best known for his work “Parallel Lives,” in which he paired the biographies of notable Greeks and Romans to draw comparisons and highlight moral lessons.

In “Plutarch’s Lives of Greek Heroes,” he would have focused specifically on the lives and achievements of various legendary Greek figures.

These biographies would have highlighted the accomplishments, character traits, and moral lessons from the lives of these Greek heroes. Plutarch’s writing style often mixed historical facts with anecdotal stories and philosophical reflections, making his works both informative and thought-provoking. The “Lives of Greek Heroes” is not a distinct work by Plutarch but would likely refer to the collection of biographies within his larger work, “Parallel Lives.”


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