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No Full Stops in India

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No Full Stops In India is a collection of ten essays, based on the chronicles of the author’s life in India. It presents a panoramic view of India. The book says that India’s westernized privileged class, who are miles apart from local traditions want to write a full stop in a land where there are no full stops. The book attempts to critically analyze the complicated deep-rooted ancient Indian civilization and its underlying principles. It clarifies that westernization will ruin India’s indigenous traditions and annihilate the crucial support system of the bulk of the general masses.

No Full Stops In India touches every aspect of Indian life. It vividly portrays the beautiful city of joy, Calcutta, the Kumbh mela, thronged by millions and even the effect of televising a Hindu Epic. Through the narrative, the real India is brought into limelight. The book contains anonymous stories, like tales that examine the presence of gallantry among poor people like Ram Chander and Jangarh Singh. Other stories have titles that are self-explanatory like Deorala Sati and Kumbh Mela.

The book has been viewed as a call of a British Indian who yearns to expose the narrow mindedness and illogical thinking of the social elites of India. This book was published by Penguin India in 2001 and is available in paperback.


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