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Tavleen Singh

India’s Broken Tryst by Tavleen Singh (Hardcover)

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“India’s Broken Tryst” is a book written by Tavleen Singh, an Indian journalist and columnist. The book, published in 2005, presents a critical analysis of India’s political and social landscape since gaining independence in 1947. The title of the book is a reference to India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru’s famous “Tryst with Destiny” speech on the eve of independence.

In “India’s Broken Tryst,” Tavleen Singh offers her perspective on the challenges and shortcomings in India’s post-independence history. She raises issues related to governance, economic policies, corruption, and the failure of political leadership to effectively address the country’s problems. The book is known for its candid and critical assessment of India’s political and administrative systems.

Tavleen Singh’s work has sparked debates and discussions on various aspects of Indian society and politics. It is seen as a critique of the political establishment and a call for reform and change. The book is part memoir, part political commentary, and part social critique, drawing on her experiences as a journalist covering Indian politics.

“India’s Broken Tryst” has been influential in shaping the discourse on Indian politics and the challenges the country has faced since its independence. It remains a thought-provoking and relevant work for those interested in understanding the complexities of modern India.


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