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India: Myths and Legends by Donald A. Mackenzie (Illustrated)

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“India: Myths and Legends” is a book by Scottish folklorist and writer Donald A. Mackenzie. This work, originally published in 1913, is a collection of myths, legends, and folklore from India. It explores the rich and diverse mythological traditions of the Indian subcontinent, encompassing Hindu, Buddhist, and other cultural stories and beliefs.

The book offers a comprehensive look at various aspects of Indian mythology and folklore, including tales of gods and goddesses, heroic legends, creation myths, and religious narratives. It provides readers with insights into the spiritual and cultural heritage of India, offering a glimpse into the stories and beliefs that have shaped the country’s history and traditions.

Donald A. Mackenzie was a prolific writer on mythology and folklore and authored numerous books on these subjects, covering a wide range of mythological traditions from around the world. “India: Myths and Legends” is one of his notable works that serves as a valuable resource for those interested in Indian mythology and the rich tapestry of stories that have been passed down through generations in the Indian subcontinent. While the book is over a century old, it still provides a valuable glimpse into the mythological heritage of India.


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