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Europe Since 1870: An International History by James Joll

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“Europe Since 1870: An International History” by James Joll is a renowned book that provides a comprehensive overview of European history from the late 19th century onwards. Originally published in 1973, it has been a staple in the study of modern European history for decades.

The book covers a wide range of topics, including political, social, economic, and cultural developments in Europe during this period. It explores key events such as the rise of nationalism, the two World Wars, the Cold War, and the process of European integration. Joll’s analysis is known for its depth and insight, offering readers a nuanced understanding of the complex forces that shaped Europe in the 20th century.

“Europe Since 1870” is often praised for its readability and accessibility, making it suitable for both students and general readers interested in European history. It remains an important resource for anyone seeking to understand the continent’s tumultuous journey through the modern era.


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