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Paulo Coelho

Eleven Minutes By Paulo Coelho

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Eleven minutes’ is the masterpiece of Brazilian bestselling author Paulo Coelho. This novel is based on a fictional account of a woman named Maria who lives in Rio, but moves to Geneva. She is poor and has to do menial jobs to survive in Geneva. Fate led her to be a prostitute. She has accepted her life in this way and keeps on going with it displaying great strength. It is during one of her walks down a street that she feels a sexual awakening inside her. The quest for physical pleasure leads her into some interesting situations, where she tries to find her own body and desires. While she is living a life of a prostitute, trying to understand herself sexually, she comes across a man. She crosses path with a young painter. She is instantly smitten by his charm and he is captivated by Maria too. There is a chance that she might fall in love.

34 reviews for Eleven Minutes By Paulo Coelho

  1. Malabika das (Verified Purchase)

    It really is a good book. Though the revolves around a prostitute, it is a good read. Girls can totally relate to the storyline. The story focuses on a young girl on her quest to find love and enjoy life, women’s sexuality, and much more.

  2. Ramesh (Verified Purchase)

    This is book is great and full of inspiring lines. It encourages to move on with failures in hope of best is yet to come. Freedom, love and sex are the topics which are elegantly discussed which happens to everyone in their daily life. Another master piece from Paulo Coelho…This particular book along with Alchemist made me fall in love with the author.

  3. Shweta Kumari (Verified Purchase)

    This is my first book by Paulo coelho also,as a matter of fact, this is the first fictional novel I’ve ever completed. In my opinion I must say that This book is for everyone out there irrespective of their profession, genre preference, religion etc. As a human being you should definitely read this ,even if this is the last thing you’d do in your life !

  4. Jit Kumar Sarkar (Verified Purchase)

    This book is such a page turner… The story telling style and the vocabs are really easy to grasp. As my first Paulo Coelho book, I am loving it…

  5. Ravish Yadav (Verified Purchase)

    Author projects the life of a prostitue which is filled with pain, struggle and need of money for their living through the protagonist. He gives a new dimension to sex by mentioning it as a sacred thing and conveys the most sensitive subject with ease. This book surely will give you an eternal feel.

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