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Veronica Roth

Divergent Series Trilogy

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Divergent by Veronica Roth

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The Divergent Series Allegiant

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The Divergent Series - Insurgent

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1,200.00 619.00
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The popular Divergent Trilogy has been written by Veronica Roth. It is a young Adult Sci-Fi series and is categorized among books like The Maze Runner or The Hunger Games. Divergent, insurgent and allegiant all you can find this trilogy.

Tris is warned of being a ‘divergent’, meaning that she is capable of having independent thoughts and is a danger to the dystopian society which believes in conformity of human being in factions and with no real independence. Soon, Tris learns about the devious plan of faction leader to wipe out the divergents and decides to leave the group with Tobias ‘Four’ Eaton, another divergent to find her true calling.

27 reviews for Divergent Series Trilogy

  1. Ramya Kunda (Verified Purchase)

    Really good series. Told by a sixteen years old girl, as she is choosing the faction she wants to live with. She moves from a faction that values charity and selflessness to a faction that is about fearlessness. Along the way she finds love and rises to many personal and public challenges

  2. Vinu Puthiyakkal (Verified Purchase)

    The books are in perfect condition and worth reading… of the best novel series for teens and adults both…..

  3. Suresh Sukumaran (Verified Purchase)

    This book is written so perfectly that on some level, you’d believe the story to be true. You’d feel that the characters are real and you’d grow attached to them. You could feel their emotions. You’d cry for them. This is what I felt when I read this. While reading this: Be Brave.

  4. Ajay Kumar (Verified Purchase)

    This series was great. It’s another young adult series that is full of action, romance, betrayal, suspense, and plot twists – it’s basically a soap opera. It had a typical young adult storyline – a young teenage heroine makes has a big, life-changing, world-shaking, event happen and she has to then save a corrupted world lead by a corrupted leader. Even though it followed that main YA plot, it still had plenty of plot twists, plenty of unexpected turns, and amazing characters.

  5. janak suthar (Verified Purchase)

    This is a amazing book. It makes me realise that there are no bounds for imagination. They way she (the author) narrates the story is absolutely fantastic . I would recommend it to all the people who’re interested in fiction!

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