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Ally Condie

Crossed by Ally Condie

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“Crossed” is a young adult dystopian novel written by Ally Condie. It is the second book in the “Matched” trilogy, following “Matched” and preceding “Reached.” The series is set in a society where individuals’ lives are tightly controlled by the governing body, the Society, including decisions about love, careers, and even the date of their death.

In “Crossed,” the story continues to follow Cassia Reyes, the protagonist, as she rebels against the strict rules of the Society. After discovering the truth about the Society’s manipulation, Cassia embarks on a journey to find Ky Markham, a boy she loves but who has been taken by the Society. Along the way, she encounters a group of rebels known as the Rising, who are fighting against the oppressive regime.

The novel takes place in a more desolate and dangerous setting outside the borders of the Society. Cassia and Ky navigate treacherous landscapes, face personal challenges, and encounter unexpected allies and enemies. Through alternating perspectives between Cassia and Ky, the story explores themes of love, sacrifice, rebellion, and the quest for freedom.

“Crossed” delves deeper into the dystopian world created by Ally Condie, expanding on the characters’ relationships and the wider resistance movement against the Society. It offers a blend of adventure, romance, and exploration of societal control and individual agency.

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