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Crooked House by Agatha Christie

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“Crooked House” is a detective novel written by Agatha Christie, the renowned British author known for her works in the mystery and crime fiction genres. It was first published in 1949.

In “Crooked House,” the story revolves around the Leonides family, who reside in a peculiar and labyrinthine house called “Three Gables.” When the wealthy patriarch, Aristide Leonides, is found dead under suspicious circumstances, the family is drawn into a complex web of secrets, motives, and possible suspects.

The investigation into the murder is led by Charles Hayward, a young detective who becomes romantically involved with Sophia Leonides, one of the family members. As Charles delves deeper into the family’s history and relationships, he encounters a series of twists and turns, leading to a surprising and unexpected resolution.

Like many of Agatha Christie’s works, “Crooked House” is characterized by its intricate plotting, a diverse cast of characters, and a closed-circle mystery, where the suspects are limited to those within the Leonides family. The novel explores themes of greed, jealousy, and the dark secrets that can lurk beneath the surface of seemingly respectable lives.

“Crooked House” is often praised for its suspenseful atmosphere, well-crafted characters, and its ability to keep readers guessing until the final revelation. It is regarded as one of Christie’s most ingenious and psychologically complex mysteries..


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