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Asterix and the Normans by René Goscinny

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“Asterix and the Normans” is a comic book in the “Asterix” series, written by René Goscinny and illustrated by Albert Uderzo. It was first published in 1966.

The story begins with a group of Vikings known as the Normans, who have never experienced fear and want to learn what it is. They set sail for Gaul, hoping to find someone who can teach them about fear. In the meantime, Asterix and Obelix are tasked with babysitting the chief’s nephew, Justforkix, who is sent to Gaul from Lutetia for his own safety.

When the Normans arrive in Gaul, they encounter the villagers, who are initially frightened by their appearance. However, they soon realize that the Normans are not very good warriors and decide to teach them about fear by pretending to be scared of them. This leads to a series of humorous situations as the villagers try to teach the Normans about fear without revealing that they are pretending.

Meanwhile, Justforkix is introduced to the Gaulish way of life, including feasts, music, and games. He also develops a crush on a local girl, but is too shy to express his feelings. Eventually, the Normans discover the truth about the villagers’ deception and return to their homeland, still unsure about what fear is.

As with all “Asterix” stories, “Asterix and the Normans” is full of humor and satire, poking fun at cultural differences and the absurdities of human behavior. It also explores the idea of courage and what it means to be brave, and highlights the importance of friendship and community.


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