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René Goscinny

Asterix and Friends 5 in 1 by René Goscinny (Hardcover)

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The “Asterix Omnibus Edition” featuring “Asterix the Gladiator,” “Asterix in Switzerland,” “The Mansions of the Gods,” “Asterix and the Laurel Wreath,” and “Obelix and Co” is a treasure trove of humor, adventure, and camaraderie set in the heart of ancient Gaul. This remarkable compilation combines five classic tales of our favorite Gaulish heroes, Asterix and Obelix:

  1. Asterix the Gladiator: Step into the amphitheaters of Rome as Asterix and Obelix journey to the Eternal City to rescue their fellow villager, the lovable dogmatix, from the clutches of the Roman empire. Gladiator games, daring escapes, and clever disguises await!
  2. Asterix in Switzerland: Travel to the picturesque land of Switzerland with Asterix and Obelix as they uncover a conspiracy involving counterfeit coins and fondue-loving bandits. Expect thrilling chases through the Swiss Alps and plenty of Swiss chocolate.
  3. The Mansions of the Gods: Join Asterix and Obelix as they face the prospect of urbanization when a Roman bureaucrat plans to build a grand Roman city, “The Mansions of the Gods,” right next to their village. Hilarity ensues as the Gauls resist the Roman way of life.
  4. Asterix and the Laurel Wreath: The Gaulish chieftain Vitalstatistix’s honor is at stake as he bets the entire village’s honor on the outcome of the Olympic Games. Asterix and Obelix become unwitting participants in this hilarious tale of sportsmanship and competitive spirit.
  5. Obelix and Co: When a clever entrepreneur sets out to turn the villagers into businessmen, chaos ensues. As the village succumbs to the temptations of wealth, Asterix and Obelix must find a way to bring their friends back to their senses.

This omnibus edition is a visual and literary delight, featuring the timeless artwork of Albert Uderzo and the witty storytelling of René Goscinny. Each story is a standalone adventure, yet together they showcase the enduring themes of friendship, resistance, and Gaulish spirit. The oversized format and high-quality printing bring these tales to life with vibrant colors and sharp detail.

Whether you’re an avid Asterix fan or a newcomer to the series, the “Asterix Omnibus Edition” is a perfect way to immerse yourself in the world of these Gaulish heroes, offering laughter, satire, and unforgettable escapades. It’s a collector’s gem and a testament to the enduring appeal of Asterix and Obelix’s adventures in the Roman world


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