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Alice Marriott, Carol K Rachlin

American Indian Mythology by Alice Marriott and Carol K Rachlin (Vintage 1972 Edition)

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“American Indian Mythology” is a book written by Alice Marriott and Carol K. Rachlin. It is a collection of myths and legends from various Native American tribes, offering readers insights into the rich and diverse cultural traditions of indigenous peoples in North America.

Published in 1968, the book presents a wide range of stories, including creation myths, hero tales, and explanations for natural phenomena, drawn from Native American oral traditions. The authors have compiled and retold these myths in a way that respects the original stories and the cultural significance they hold for the tribes they represent.

Through “American Indian Mythology,” readers can explore the spiritual beliefs, cosmologies, and values of different Native American cultures, as well as gain an appreciation for the diversity of traditions that exist among indigenous peoples. The book is not only a source of cultural and historical knowledge but also a means to understand the deep connections between Native Americans and the natural world.

This collection is often used as a reference and educational resource for those interested in Native American culture, folklore, and mythology. It provides valuable insights into the spiritual and cultural tapestry of the indigenous peoples of North America.


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