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A Wasted Death : The Rise and Fall of Rajan Pillai by J Rajmohan Pillai

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“A Wasted Death: The Rise and Fall of Rajan Pillai” is a non-fiction book written by J. Rajmohan Pillai. It tells the story of Rajan Pillai, a successful Indian businessman who rose to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s. Rajan Pillai was known for his entrepreneurial ventures, particularly in the field of consumer electronics, and he became a symbol of India’s economic liberalization during that period.

However, the book also delves into the darker aspects of Rajan Pillai’s life, including his involvement in various controversies and legal battles. One of the central events in the narrative is Pillai’s arrest and subsequent imprisonment in Singapore on charges of fraud and forgery. The book examines the circumstances surrounding his downfall, as well as the personal and professional struggles he faced throughout his life.

“A Wasted Death” offers insights into the complexities of Rajan Pillai’s character and the challenges he encountered in both his business and personal life. It provides readers with a detailed account of his rise to success, his fall from grace, and the legacy he left behind.


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