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A Fall of Moondust by Arthur C. Clarke

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“A Fall of Moondust” is a science fiction novel written by Arthur C. Clarke, a renowned British author known for his contributions to the genre. The novel was first published in 1961. It is set on the Moon and follows the story of a lunar tourist vessel called the “Selene” that becomes trapped in a layer of fine lunar dust, causing a perilous situation for its crew and passengers.

The novel explores the challenges faced by the crew and passengers as they work to survive in the harsh lunar environment while efforts are made to rescue them. The story delves into themes of isolation, resourcefulness, human determination, and the potential hazards of space travel.

Arthur C. Clarke was known for his ability to blend scientific concepts with imaginative storytelling, and “A Fall of Moondust” is no exception. The novel offers a realistic depiction of life on the Moon while incorporating elements of suspense and adventure.

Clarke’s work often focused on the possibilities of space exploration and the mysteries of the universe, and “A Fall of Moondust” is a notable addition to his body of work. It showcases his skill in creating a compelling narrative within the context of space science and exploration.


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