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Tama Janowitz

A Cannibal in Manhattan by Tama Janowitz

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A Cannibal in Manhattan is a satirical novel by American author Tama Janowitz, published in 1987. The novel is set in the gritty, avant-garde art scene of Manhattan in the 1980s and follows the misadventures of a struggling artist named Jane.

The novel’s title refers to the idea of consuming and being consumed by the cut-throat world of art and fashion in Manhattan. Janowitz uses her sharp wit and dark humor to skewer the pretentiousness and superficiality of the art world, as well as the excesses of the Reagan era.

As the novel unfolds, Jane navigates a series of bizarre and often comical situations, from attending outrageous parties to participating in avant-garde art installations. Along the way, she encounters a cast of eccentric characters, including a sinister art dealer, a self-obsessed performance artist, and a group of cannibalistic art collectors.

Despite its dark themes, A Cannibal in Manhattan is a fast-paced and entertaining read, with Janowitz’s unique voice and biting humor shining through on every page. The novel has been praised for its incisive commentary on the art world and its characters’ struggles to find meaning and authenticity in a world obsessed with surface-level appearances.


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