How Do I Get Refund?

In case your order has been cancelled or you have decided to return the book within the timeframe mentioned in our return policy page, be assured that your money will be returned. As soon as we get the request, the process of refunds begins.

Our payment portal refunds the buyer’s money in the same account that was used to make the payment. It takes 7 to 10 days for amount to reflect in your bank account. In case you do not receive refund on time, please contact us.

Who Are the Sellers on OldBookDepot

Our sellers are top book shop owners in Delhi and Ghaziabad. Along with them, our sellers also include 2 libraries in Ghaziabad. Besides, we have our own large stock of books.

Why My Order Was Canceled

Your order will only be canceled in a situation when we are not happy with the quality of the book by the seller. Before shipping, each book undergoes quality check by our team. If they are unhappy with the quality, then to protect buyer, order is cancelled and your money is refunded.

How Safe Are My Personal Details?

OldBookDepot has very strong privacy policy. You can be assured that under no circumstances, we will divulge your personal details, unless the Law requires us to do so.

Your contact details including phone no and email address will not be divulged to any third party.

How Will OldBookDepot Protect Me Against Fraud?

Through our Buyer’s protection, we have taken number of steps to protect you from any potential fraud. All your payments are kept with us till the time of delivery of the book. We do not transfer the money to seller until the one week after the delivery of book. It provides you sufficient time to claim refund, in case you are not happy with the condition of the book.

How will I assess the condition/quality of the books?

We at OldBookDepot try our best to assess the quality of the book. We have made it mandatory for the sellers to disclose the condition of the book. We have classified the “Book’s Condition” in three categories.

As good as new: Books which have been used for a short period of time and do not contain any scribble/pen marks anywhere on/inside the book.

Moderately Used: Books which have been used for a moderate period of time and reflect few signs of usage.

Old & Used: Books which have been used for a long period of time and reflect considerable signs of usage.

Can I Return the Book?

You can certainly return the book in scenario where you have either received wrong book or the condition of book was not up to the mark. However you must initiate the return process within 4 days of receiving the book. We won’t entertain any requests post that period.

How Long it Takes OldBookDepot to Ship the Book?

We usually ship a book within 3 workings days. However due to some extraordinary situation, if we fails to ship the book within the mentioned timeframe, it will be communicated with the buyer.