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Famous historical accounts from medieval times have been recreated as fiction in Wolf Hall: Booker Prize Winner 2009. Written by Hilary Mantel, this book explores the life of Thomas Cromwell, a person who ruthlessly climbed the social ladder to be a king’s personal advisor. Set in the time of Henry VIII, this piece of historical fiction gives readers the perspective of a man commonly judged as evil.

Thomas Cromwell was the son of a blacksmith in medieval England and he had gone through many roles in life to rise as the King’s Chief Minister. Cromwell was generally considered a villainous and unimportant personality by historians since his execution. However, this book gives a different perspective into the life Cromwell might have actually had.

The author had thoroughly researched historical accounts from Henry VIII’s time to cross-check facts for her book. It took her more than 5 years of research in order to satisfactorily write the novel. The recipient of the illustrious Booker prize, this novel gives a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the royalty during those times.

Wolf Hall: Booker Prize Winner 2009 was published in 2009 by Fourth Estate. It is available for purchase in paperback format.

Key Features

A historical-fiction story that takes place during the reign of King Henry VIII.

Features the life story of Thomas Cromwell, a man who rose from humble beginnings to become the King’s Chief Minister.

Historical facts thoroughly researched by the author in order to be as informative as possible.

Winner of the 2009 Man Booker Prize and the National Book Critic Circle Award.


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