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Tom Clancy’s Support and Defend

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He’s the only one who can stop America’s secrets from falling into enemy hands . . .

Dominic Caruso, nephew to president Jack Ryan and operative for top secret intelligence agency The Campus, is working in India when a terrorist hit takes out his trainer.

Caruso only just survives – barely intact.

Back in Washington, they discover a mole has been leaking US secrets. Soon he is on the tail of Ethan Ross – a man who thinks he’s too smart to ever get caught.

But Ross has many more secrets on a micro-drive and when he decides to run, it’s not just Caruso and the FBI on his trail.

The Russians and a few angry terrorist groups will do anything to get to Ross – and the vital information he carries.

So it’s up to Caruso to get to Ross first…

Support and Defend is a thrilling adventure you won’t be able to put down.


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