Michael Punke

The Revenant

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This novel by Michael Punke is a gripping fictional tale based on real-life incident of a frontier man, Hugo Glass. Led by Andrew Henry in 1823, American frontier, along with a band of trappers, was attacked by a Native American tribe. Soon after the tribal attack, when Glass was on hunt for food supplies, he was attacked by a huge bear that left him mauled with deep cuts on his throat and most parts of upper body.

Surprisingly Glass holds onto his life and Captain Henry decided to carry him along with the group. Two members of the group, John Fitzgerald and Jim Bridger were commissioned to stay with Glass. Young boy Bridger tries his best to tend to the wounds of Glass whereas Fitzgerald, being an opportunist, plots to get rid of him. Fitzgerald even killed the young boy when he refuses to be part of his plan.

Abandoned by fellow trappers, Glass swears revenge on Fitzgerald and his vow of vengeance gave him strength and courage to survive against the odds. Glass’ life before being a frontiersman is also explained with brief description in the book.


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