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The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot (Hardcover)

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“The Mill on the Floss” is a novel written by the English author George Eliot, which is the pen name of Mary Ann Evans. It was first published in 1860 and is considered one of George Eliot’s most renowned works. The novel is set in the rural English countryside and primarily revolves around the Tulliver siblings, Tom and Maggie, and their tumultuous relationships with each other and the world around them.

The story takes place in the fictional village of St. Ogg’s, which is based on Eliot’s own experiences in the English Midlands. Tom and Maggie Tulliver grow up at Dorlcote Mill, which their father manages, and they experience a complex, sibling bond. The novel explores their contrasting personalities and the various challenges and conflicts they face as they come of age.

Maggie is depicted as intelligent, passionate, and impulsive, while Tom is practical and duty-bound. Their family’s fortunes and relationships with other characters in the village play a central role in the plot. The novel delves into themes of love, duty, societal expectations, and the struggle for personal freedom.

“The Mill on the Floss” is known for its detailed character development and exploration of the moral and social constraints of the Victorian era. It is often praised for its psychological insight into the characters and its vivid portrayal of the English countryside. The book is considered a classic of English literature and is studied and appreciated for its complex characters and the author’s exploration of human nature and society.


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