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The Maze Runner (Set of 4 Books)

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Get lost in the Maze

’The Maze Runner (Set of 4 Books)’ is an ideal set for the lovers of fiction genre. Anyone who wants to get lost in a fictional world should go for this series. It is easily one of the most enthralling and captivating series in the teenage fiction domain. This series is one roller coaster ride with so many unexpected turns and twists that leaves the readers wanting for more. That is why this set is worth the buy as it will keep the readers hooked and the pages turning. The set contains the books; The Maze Runner, The Death Cure, The Scorch Trials and the Kill Order. The main protagonist of the series is Thomas who immediately strikes as a lovable character who one can identify with and feel for the pains and problems he has to go through.

A mixture of emotions

The books of these series are a mix pot of emotions and twists with love and romance finding a space in between the high pitched adrenaline action. So for the avid readers who are always in search of new books to get their adrenaline running, this series is a must read.

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25 reviews for The Maze Runner (Set of 4 Books)

  1. Neethu Premlal (Verified Purchase)

    This is an excellent series, whether in book form, or at the theater. Plenty of action, Personalities are very well worked out. The reader can easily identify with the characters. The only reason I stopped at four stars is because I did not like the ending. It was well written, but there was one thing I would have changed if I was the author. No spoiler intended here. There were some changes from the book in the second movie. Maybe there will be just that one change in the last movie. Regardless, I will read this series again, and will also watch the movie series again. Very good read.

  2. manikandan mani (Verified Purchase)

    The quality of the product is good, but the book cover is different from shown picture. Delivered within two days.

  3. Prasanna lakshmi Daida (Verified Purchase)

    Many will compare this to the Hunger games or Divergent but I think this series has a lot of its own merit and does a lot of things different from those two series. In a lot of ways the only two similarities is that they are post apocalyptic. That being said if you liked those serious you will love this one. I bought this for my son and he burned through them in a week. I read them after him and for what they are they were very enjoyable.

  4. Sonal Thakur (Verified Purchase)

    Came on neat. All items intact and no damage.

  5. Srinivas Chengalva (Verified Purchase)

    I enjoyed this book series alot. It was a good read and one that I will likely read again before the last movie comes out. Some things could of been a bit better. I didn’t care much for the last book but as a whole it’s worth the read. If you have watched the movies and looking for more info on wicked and the trials and considering the books I would say go for it!

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