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Thomas Hardy

The Hand of Ethelberta by Thomas Hardy (Penguin Classics)

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Explore “The Hand of Ethelberta” by Thomas Hardy, a captivating novel that combines romance, social satire, and a keen exploration of Victorian society. First published in 1876, this unique and engaging story showcases Hardy’s talent for character development and his sharp critique of social norms.

The novel follows the life of Ethelberta Petherwin, a resourceful and ambitious young woman who rises from humble beginnings to become a celebrated poet and storyteller. After the death of her husband, Ethelberta is determined to secure a better future for herself and her family. Using her wit, charm, and literary talents, she navigates the complexities of high society, all while concealing her true origins.

Ethelberta’s journey is filled with romantic entanglements and strategic maneuvers as she tries to balance her ambitions with her personal desires. The cast of characters includes various suitors, each representing different facets of society, from the wealthy and aristocratic to the working class. Hardy’s portrayal of these characters and their interactions provides a rich commentary on class and social mobility.

“The Hand of Ethelberta” stands out in Hardy’s oeuvre for its lighter tone and its focus on the comedic and ironic aspects of social climbing. However, it still carries the depth and emotional resonance typical of Hardy’s work. The novel delves into themes of identity, family loyalty, and the sacrifices required to achieve one’s goals.

Order your copy of “The Hand of Ethelberta” by Thomas Hardy today and enjoy a novel that combines the best of Victorian storytelling with a sharp, modern sensibility. Experience Hardy’s intricate plotting and memorable characters in a story that remains as relevant and entertaining today as it was when first published.


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