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Paulo Coelho

The Devil and Miss Prym

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A stranger arrives in a remote mountain village, searching for the answer to a question that torments him: are human beings, in essence, good or evil?

A community devoured by greed, cowardice and fear. A man persecuted by the ghosts of his painful past. A young woman searching for happiness. In one eventful week, each of them will face questions of life, death and power, and each of them will have to choose their own path. Will they choose good or evil?

The remote village of Viscos is the setting for this extraordinary struggle. A stranger arrives, carrying with him a backpack containing a notebook and eleven gold bars. In welcoming the mysterious foreigner, the whole village becomes an accomplice to his sophisticated plot, which will forever mark their lives.

In this stunning novel, Paulo Coelho dramatizes the struggle within every soul between light and darkness, and its relevance to our everyday struggles: to dare to follow our dreams, to have the courage to be different and to master the fear that prevents us from truly living. The Devil and Miss Prym is a story charged with emotion, in which the integrity of being human meets a terrifying test.

13 reviews for The Devil and Miss Prym

  1. ROHITH KRISHNAN (Verified Purchase)

    Got updates when book was in transit n received the book on time.

  2. Shirsendu Chowdhury (Verified Purchase)

    A parable of the best and worst in people. Definitely one to read and revisit. One of my favourites from Paul Coelho.

  3. Subhawini Silki (Verified Purchase)

    A good book but probably i expected more from the author. Alchemist and The fifth mountain had perfect end but this one surely lacked that kind of ending. Anyhow a very good read!

  4. Prerna Ghatani (Verified Purchase)

    Although I love the author and enjoy reading this books, however this particular one seemed to be a bit boring and dint quite catch the message behind it. Wasn’t gripping enough.

  5. Durgesh Singh (Verified Purchase)

    The content and the storyline was awesome the wisdom in each chapter makes you want more and more cant wait to read the other books in the series. Thanks once again !!

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