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“Snow” is a novel written by Turkish author Orhan Pamuk. It was originally published in 2002 and has since become one of Pamuk’s most well-known and celebrated works. The novel is a complex and thought-provoking exploration of various themes, including politics, identity, religion, and love.

The story is primarily set in the fictional town of Kars, which is located in the eastern part of Turkey. The protagonist of the novel is Ka, a Turkish poet who has been living in political exile in Frankfurt, Germany. Ka returns to Turkey, specifically to Kars, to investigate a series of suicides by young women who had been banned from wearing headscarves in public institutions. As he navigates the political and social tensions in Kars, he becomes entangled in a web of personal and political conflicts.

Some key themes in “Snow” include the clash between secularism and Islamism in Turkish society, the complexities of identity and belonging, and the role of poetry and literature in understanding and responding to the world’s challenges. The novel also delves into Ka’s personal struggles and his relationship with Ipek, a woman he meets in Kars.

Orhan Pamuk’s writing in “Snow” is known for its lyrical and introspective style, and the novel has been widely praised for its exploration of the cultural and political dynamics in Turkey during the late 20th century.

9 reviews for Snow by Orhan Pamuk

  1. Prabhu Krishnan (Verified Purchase)

    It was my first time, buying a used book but this one is as good as new. Really happy with my purchase.

  2. Kamodh R (Verified Purchase)

    Really good and absorbing. So many dramatic twists, ambiguities, sub-plots, different viewpoints. I found it a very rich read.

  3. Arjun Rajendranath (Verified Purchase)

    Well written, emotional story. Feels like fairy tale a little. Definitely recommend to read – took over my weekend no regrets

  4. Akshay Prakash (Verified Purchase)

    The book was awesome but the font size could have been a bit bigger . It really strained my eyes to decipher the font size. Hope the publisher looks into this matter while publishing subsequent editions

  5. Viresh Devare (Verified Purchase)

    I think SNOW is about the best of the Orhan Pamuk’s books so far as the background in it is concerned. The troubled Turkey in this region is very well represented.

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