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Shirley by Charlotte Bronte (Penguin Popular Classics)

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“Shirley” is a novel written by Charlotte Brontë, the acclaimed author of “Jane Eyre.” It was first published in 1849 under the pseudonym Currer Bell, which Brontë commonly used for her works. The novel is set against the backdrop of the industrial unrest and social change in Yorkshire, England, during the early 19th century.

The story is named after the character Shirley Keeldar, a strong and independent woman who defies conventional gender roles and societal expectations. Shirley is portrayed as a wealthy heiress who becomes involved in the struggles of the working class in her local community.

The novel also features another central character, Caroline Helstone, who provides a contrast to Shirley. Caroline is a more conventional and timid woman who represents the domestic ideal of the time.

“Shirley” explores themes of social class, labor disputes, gender roles, and the impact of industrialization on society. It delves into the challenges faced by women in a society dominated by men and the tensions between different social classes.

While “Shirley” may not be as well-known as Brontë’s “Jane Eyre,” it is still considered an important work in Victorian literature. It showcases Brontë’s keen observations of society and her exploration of the role of women in a rapidly changing world. The novel provides readers with a thought-provoking and historically significant portrayal of early 19th-century England.

10 reviews for Shirley by Charlotte Bronte (Penguin Popular Classics)

  1. Ishra Shaikh (Verified Purchase)

    Not read this yet but as it’s a Bronte just know i’m going to love it. Just came here to appreciate service of Old Book Depot, same book was sent with same cover.

  2. Ravi Kant Tripathi (Verified Purchase)

    excerlent book i am enjoying reading it looking forward to reading the rest of it indepth story very interested in brontes

  3. Kanwaljeet Singh (Verified Purchase)

    Slow start but improves however still not my type. I got delivery in 4 days and came nicely packed.

  4. Sabahath Nazneen (Verified Purchase)

    It’s a no-brainer! All Bronte books should be read by everyone. Classic stories of a bygone age which demonstrate the masterful use of language and description..

  5. Heena khan (Verified Purchase)

    Charlotte Bronte mixes a rather traditional romance, with classic ups and downs before the various lovers are united, with some serious and interesting commentary on the social and political changes in the Yorkshire mills at the beginning of the industrial revolution.

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