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Viktor E Frankl

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E Frankl

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“Man’s Search for Meaning” is a book written by Viktor E. Frankl, an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist. First published in 1946, this profound work is both a memoir and a psychological exploration of the human capacity for finding meaning and purpose in the face of extreme suffering.

The book is divided into two parts:

  1. Experiences in a Concentration Camp: In the first part of the book, Frankl recounts his personal experiences as a Holocaust survivor. He was imprisoned in Nazi concentration camps, including Auschwitz, during World War II. Through vivid and often harrowing anecdotes, he describes the physical and emotional horrors of life in the camps, where prisoners faced brutal conditions, forced labor, and the constant threat of death. Frankl’s account is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable suffering.
  2. Logotherapy and Existential Analysis: In the second part of the book, Frankl introduces his psychotherapeutic approach known as logotherapy. This approach is centered on the belief that the primary human drive is not the pursuit of pleasure (as proposed by Freud) or the quest for power (as proposed by Adler), but rather the search for meaning. Frankl argues that even in the most challenging and dire circumstances, individuals can find meaning and purpose in their lives, and this sense of meaning is essential for psychological well-being.

Key themes and concepts explored in “Man’s Search for Meaning” include:

  • The importance of finding meaning in suffering and adversity.
  • The idea that humans have the freedom to choose their attitudes and responses to life’s challenges.
  • The belief that life has inherent meaning and purpose, and it is up to each individual to discover and fulfill that purpose.
  • The concept of the “existential vacuum,” which refers to a sense of emptiness and meaninglessness that can result from a lack of purpose in life.
  • Frankl’s emphasis on the value of love, creativity, and spirituality as sources of meaning.

“Man’s Search for Meaning” has had a profound impact on psychology, philosophy, and self-help literature. It has been translated into numerous languages and continues to inspire readers around the world. Frankl’s insights into the human condition, resilience, and the quest for meaning offer valuable lessons for those facing adversity and seeking a deeper understanding of the human experience.

26 reviews for Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E Frankl

  1. Horen gohain (Verified Purchase)

    The book is yet another victim of loud hype, presumably by people who don’t read more than 3 books in a lifetime. This is a decent work of non-fiction, but, unless you’re in school, there’s nothing so life-changing about it.

  2. Girish H (Verified Purchase)

    Thank God I read this. I consider this a must read for every 25+year olds. The older you are, the more you might appreciate the ideas. Part 1 is classic. Part 2 not all that inspiring as the first. It’s a small book.. do read it, irrespective of the price.. which anyways is minimal considering the material contained and you will change the way you currently look at life.

  3. srinivas Tanneru (Verified Purchase)

    The writer’s account of the Holocaust is horrific but the his tactics of staying alive through hope and describing the psychology behind it is fascinating. Some parts of the book had me lose interest due to the technical psych jargon/drawing up the reasoning with psych approach but overall it’s definitely strikes a chord.

  4. Abanikanta Sahoo (Verified Purchase)

    Man’s Search for Meaning was first published in 1946. Victor Frankl was a leading psychologist in Vienna when he was arrested for being a Jew during the Nazi regime. He survived holocaust and used his experiences to write this book.

    He propounded the theory that it is Man’s constant search for meaning that allows him to survive even the most brutal, the most degrading situations in his life.

  5. Arup Biswas (Verified Purchase)

    The book is pretty interesting , specially the account of the concentration camps or torture camps which i may call it. The experience of the author is indeed real , you can tell it from the words. The book makes you wonder , what the meaning of life is , as a prisoner or as an independent person. The book is a must read for all those people searching for meaning of life.

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