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Emma Chapman

How to Be a Good Wife by Emma Chapman

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Original price was: ₹499.00.Current price is: ₹199.00.
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“How to Be a Good Wife” by Emma Chapman is a gripping psychological thriller that delves into the complexities of memory, identity, and the hidden truths within a marriage. The novel centers around Marta Bjornstad, a woman who has spent many years as a devoted wife to her husband, Hector, in a small Scandinavian village. The story unfolds as Marta begins to experience disturbing visions and flashbacks that lead her to question the reality of her life and her marriage.

Marta’s world is meticulously controlled and structured, largely defined by a set of rules from a book given to her by her mother-in-law titled “How to Be a Good Wife.” These rules dictate her behavior and role within the household, emphasizing obedience, cleanliness, and catering to her husband’s needs. As Marta’s mental state starts to unravel, she becomes increasingly uncertain about her past and her relationship with Hector.

The novel is narrated from Marta’s perspective, providing a deep and often unsettling look into her psyche. As she grapples with her growing unease and fragmented memories, the reader is drawn into her internal struggle. The narrative is interspersed with haunting and cryptic recollections that suggest a darker, hidden reality beneath the surface of her seemingly ordinary life.

Chapman skillfully builds tension and suspense as Marta’s sense of reality becomes more unstable. The reader is left to piece together the truth along with Marta, questioning what is real and what might be the product of her deteriorating mental health. The novel explores themes of control, autonomy, and the psychological impact of long-term emotional manipulation.

Hector’s character is depicted with a blend of ambiguity and menace, his actions and motivations gradually revealed through Marta’s increasingly unreliable perspective. The dynamic between Marta and Hector serves as a poignant exploration of power dynamics within a marriage and the ways in which one partner can exert control over the other.

“How to Be a Good Wife” is not only a psychological thriller but also a profound examination of a woman’s fight to reclaim her sense of self and truth. Chapman’s writing is evocative and atmospheric, drawing readers into Marta’s claustrophobic world and the chilling revelations that come to light.

Overall, Emma Chapman’s debut novel is a compelling and thought-provoking read that keeps readers on edge from start to finish. It is a powerful portrayal of the struggle for identity and autonomy against the backdrop of a deeply unsettling domestic mystery.


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