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Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero

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Author of the wildly successful Percy Jackson and the Olympians books, Riordan here begins a new series that involves some of the same characters and settings but adds Roman mythology and an expansion on a prophecy mentioned in the final volume, The Last Olympian. At the start of the story, Percy is missing, and a new kid, Jason, appears with no idea who he is or what he is doing. No one really has time to figure out these smaller mysteries, though, because a much larger emergency looms: Gaea is waking up from her eons long slumber, and if she becomes fully conscious, the world as it is known will essentially end. Thus begins a quest to soothe and quiet Gaea, which will require a group of daring and talented teens and an extremely unlikely alliance between the Roman and Greek gods (and their offspring). Fans of the earlier series may be startled to find that their hero, Percy, is literally nowhere to be found the entire novel, but Jason and his friends Piper and Leo are worthy replacements, especially as Riordan is careful to develop them as individuals even as they are quickly thrown together as a dragon-riding, world-saving trio. Newcomers may find the brief references to backstory a bit baffling, but the details are more likely to send them back to the earlier titles than mar their understanding of this new series. While a few minor plots are wrapped up by book’s end, the major quest is still very much in the air (and actually looking pretty daunting, even for the sort of intrepid offspring of gods that make up Riordan’s books), so expect plenty of anticipation for the next volume. BCCB”

15 reviews for Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero

  1. Md Taufik (Verified Purchase)

    After the great percy jackson and the Olympian series came the the best master piece of Rick rordan.

  2. Ghanshyam Patel (Verified Purchase)

    The product was well packed and nice. The book was also proper and also with no damage. Though I think that the book was maybe a bit old , I really do not car about it. Since we need to read the book not the cover. The text was perfect.

  3. Subir kumar Ghosh (Verified Purchase)

    Rick Riordan is as good as always.He delivers a gripping,action packed,suspenseful storyline which makes the readers mind to start guessing the possibilities.The book quality was also very good and was delivered on time .Excellent experience this time!

  4. Anuj Tomar (Verified Purchase)

    it was good . the way percy went missing . my favourte character is leo. but seemed a bit bring at the end. though it was not as good as the other books of the mythology master RICK RIORDON in the series

  5. Sumit Sontakke (Verified Purchase)

    I love this book because it has so many wonderful stories and givesa lot of information on greek mythology. A must read book.I hope Rick Riordian writes more books and becomes author of all time. Nobody can take the title mythmaster from him.

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