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Arun Shourie

Harvesting Our Souls by Arun Shourie (Hardcover)

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Shourie examines the role of Christian missionaries in India and their impact on Indian society. He argues that missionaries are engaged in a concerted effort to convert Hindus to Christianity, and that they are using unethical and deceptive tactics to achieve their goals.

Shourie also discusses the historical context of Christian missionary work in India, and the impact it has had on Indian culture and traditions. He accuses missionaries of being colonial agents who are seeking to subvert the native culture and replace it with a Western worldview.

The book also includes interviews with former Christian missionaries who have left the faith and are critical of the tactics used by their former colleagues. Shourie argues that the missionary enterprise is a threat to India’s cultural and social fabric, and that it needs to be checked.

“Harvesting Our Souls: Missionaries, their design, their claims” has been a controversial book, with some critics accusing Shourie of promoting religious intolerance and hindering the freedom of religion. However, Shourie’s arguments have also found support among those who believe that the issue of missionary activity in India needs to be addressed.


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