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J K Rowling

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter 5) (Hardcover)

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1,499.00 439.00
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Adventure continues when an unexpected attack was staged by a group of evil spirits called “dementors” on Harry and Dudley (cousin). Harry is saved and taken to Sirus Black’s home, which is also headquarter of the Order of the Phoenix, a group of wizards, led by Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore. Harry is informed about Voldemort’s return. Time is running out and Harry has to act fast. In order to protect himself from savage assaults of Voldemort, Harry has to allow Professor Snape to teach him protection spells.

Harry knows that Voldemort’s will stop at nothing to find and kill him. Trouble starts one after another when Dolores Umbridge takes the place of professor of Defence against Dark Art in Hogwarts and starts torturing Harry. She exposes Dumbledore’s army and becomes the new Headmistress. Harry needs Snape’s help to fight against the Dark Lord Voldemort but also learns from his memory that Snape never liked his father. Where the story takes steep and burtal turns, Harry finds himself stuck with impossible choices and shocking revelations. What will Harry do? What sacrifices will he make to save his dear friends and Hogwarts? Will he be saved or die in the battle against Voldemort? Find all in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.


54 reviews for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter 5) (Hardcover)

  1. RAJ (Verified Purchase)

    Got it in perfect condition. This book is very good and perfect for readers of all ages

  2. ASHISH THAKUR (Verified Purchase)

    It’s brilliant book. My daughter explained to me this is so because in the previous books all characters we’re either good or bad, now even the good ones have flaws like James Potter and Dumbledore. Quite a thing to notice for a 9 year old. It’s 870 pages but our Potter-obsessed daughter wouldn’t have minded if it was longer.

  3. Suman Dhar (Verified Purchase)

    My daughter is die hard fan of Harry potter books and wanted all the 7 books in older editions. While searching for books, I came to this website. I was little apprehensive since I never heard about this website before and there was no option of cash on delivery for this book. Luckily its not a fraud website and I got the book is very good condition. My daughter loves it.

  4. ayush maheshwari (Verified Purchase)

    I am not going to speak on book since all Harry potter books are classic. Its one of the early editions of book, printed in United Kingdom. This edition is not easy to get, especially in India since the publisher is printing harry potter books locally with different cover. Even though the book is old, the condition was very good. I really didn’t expect to get book in such a great condition.

  5. Md Irfan (Verified Purchase)

    I was looking for this older edition of Harry Potter books for quite some time. They are hard to get these days. I think the price was fare and I got book in very good condition, perfectly as described. Overall I am satisfied. Looking forward to buying next book.

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