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Frost In May by Antonia White (Virago Modern Classics)

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“Frost in May” is a semi-autobiographical novel written by British author Antonia White. It was first published in 1933 and is the first book in a series of four novels known as the “Frost in May Quartet.” The novel is also sometimes referred to as “Pilgrimage: Book One.”

“Frost in May” tells the story of Nanda Gray, a young girl sent to the Convent of the Five Wounds, a Catholic boarding school in England. The novel explores Nanda’s experiences, her spiritual journey, and her interactions with the nuns and other students at the convent. It delves into the conflicts between Nanda’s deep religious faith and her desire for personal freedom and independence.

The novel is known for its vivid portrayal of the Catholic education system and its examination of the tensions between individuality and conformity, faith and doubt. Antonia White drew heavily from her own experiences attending a convent school, which lends authenticity to the narrative.

“Frost in May” is considered a classic of English literature and is praised for its skillful storytelling and exploration of complex themes. It is followed by three more books in the series, collectively known as “The Pilgrimage” or “The Frost in May Quartet,” which continue to follow Nanda Gray’s life and experiences.


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