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Mark Manson

Everything Is F*cked : A Book About Hope

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We live in an interesting time. Materially, everything is the best it’s ever been—we are Freer, healthier and wealthier than any people in human history. Yet, somehow everything seems to be irreparably and horribly f*cked—the planet is warming, governments are failing, economies are collapsing, and everyone is perpetually offended on Twitter. At this moment in history, when we have access to technology, education and Communication our ancestors couldnt even dream of, so many of us come back to an overriding feeling of hopelessness. What’s going on? If anyone can put a name to our current malaise and help fix it, it’s mark manson. In 2016, manson published the subtle art of not giving a f*ck, a book that brilliantly gave shape to the ever-present, low-level hum of anxiety that permeates modern living. He showed us that technology had made it too easy to care about the wrong things, that our culture had convinced us that the world owed us something when it didn’t—and worst of all, that our modern and maddening urge to always find happiness only served to make us unhappier. Instead, the “subtle art” of that title turned out to be a bold challenge: to choose your struggle; to narrow and focus and find the pain you want to sustain.

14 reviews for Everything Is F*cked : A Book About Hope

  1. Disha Chhabra (Verified Purchase)

    As always, Manson’s writing is very engaging, fun, and purposeful. This is a good read, especially for fans of his other books. Although the idea of hope holds the book together, each chapter feels like a shorter story versus one bigger theme. The chapters feel a bit disconnected from each other.

  2. Vijaykumar (Verified Purchase)

    I thoroughly enjoyed his first book. But this second book really captured my attention, imagination, and harnessed my focus on some personal thoughts, struggles, and curiosities happening in my own life. He does extensive research on ideas and philosophies then synthasises it down into digestible and understandable bites. And his writing voice is sharp, funny, direct and oh-so-palatable.

  3. Vaishali Dhingra (Verified Purchase)

    Solid advice, per usual. I agree with other readers in the sense that it picks up where the first one leaves off.

    There are times when some jokes are overused and run into the ground a bit, such as “Einstein” said/didn’t say this or that, as well as jokes regarding Twitter, but overall, the content is very meaningful and not what you’d expect (in a good way) from a book with a title such as this.

  4. Tina Joshi (Verified Purchase)

    Author was trying to cash in on the success of previous book. Frankly you can skip this one.

  5. Ajay Srivastava (Verified Purchase)

    Started great. Then got awkward. Then weird. But in a cool way. I feel like the author was honest and put his heart and soul into it.

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