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Bram Stoker

Dracula By Bram Stoker (Wordsworth Classics)

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“Dracula” is a Gothic horror novel written by Irish author Bram Stoker, first published in 1897. It is one of the most famous and influential works of vampire literature and has had a lasting impact on the horror genre and popular culture.

The novel is presented in an epistolary format, consisting of a series of letters, diary entries, newspaper clippings, and other documents that collectively tell the story from multiple perspectives.

The plot revolves around Count Dracula, a centuries-old vampire from Transylvania who comes to England with the intent of spreading the undead curse and establishing new hunting grounds. He encounters various characters, including Jonathan Harker, a young English lawyer who travels to Dracula’s castle to finalize a real estate transaction; Mina Murray, Harker’s fiancée and later wife; Lucy Westenra, Mina’s friend who becomes a victim of Dracula’s predation; Professor Abraham Van Helsing, a Dutch doctor and vampire hunter; and others.

The novel explores themes of sexuality, fear of the unknown, and the battle between good and evil. Dracula is portrayed as a charismatic and manipulative figure who can control and manipulate others, while Van Helsing and his team of allies work to thwart his plans and protect the innocent.

Stoker’s portrayal of Dracula has become iconic, shaping many of the characteristics and conventions associated with vampires in modern culture, such as the aversion to sunlight, the need for blood, and the ability to transform into various creatures. The novel’s eerie atmosphere, suspenseful plot, and vivid descriptions of settings like Dracula’s castle and the dark streets of London have contributed to its enduring popularity.

“Dracula” was not an instant success upon its initial release but gained recognition over time, especially with the rise of horror literature and film adaptations. It has been adapted into numerous films, television series, and stage plays, becoming a cornerstone of vampire mythology in popular culture. The character of Dracula remains one of the most recognizable and enduring figures in horror literature, and the novel itself is considered a classic of the genre.


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