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Dorothy Jongeward, Muriel James

Born to Win by Muriel James and Dorothy Jongeward

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Original price was: ₹599.00.Current price is: ₹199.00.
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“Born to Win” by Muriel James and Dorothy Jongeward is a seminal work in the field of personal development and psychology, offering readers a comprehensive guide to understanding and improving their lives through the principles of Transactional Analysis (TA). First published in 1971, the book combines psychological theory with practical exercises to help individuals unlock their potential and achieve greater success and happiness.

Transactional Analysis, developed by Dr. Eric Berne, is a theory of personality and a systematic psychotherapy for personal growth and change. In “Born to Win,” James and Jongeward break down the complex concepts of TA into accessible and actionable insights. The book is structured to help readers identify and change unproductive patterns of behavior and thought that hinder their progress.

Central to the book is the idea that everyone can be a “winner” in life. The authors explain that each person has three ego states: Parent, Adult, and Child. Understanding these states and how they interact within oneself and in relationships with others is crucial for personal development. The book provides tools to recognize which ego state is dominant at any given time and how to shift to a more appropriate state for various situations.

James and Jongeward emphasize the importance of self-awareness and self-acceptance. They introduce the concept of life scripts, unconscious life plans developed in childhood that influence behavior and decisions in adulthood. By becoming aware of these scripts, individuals can rewrite them to create more fulfilling lives.

The book includes a range of practical exercises and real-life examples to help readers apply the concepts of TA. These activities are designed to foster self-discovery and personal growth, encouraging readers to take responsibility for their actions and to communicate more effectively with others.

“Born to Win” also explores the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. The authors provide strategies for improving communication, resolving conflicts, and building healthier relationships by applying TA principles. They discuss how to break free from negative patterns and develop more positive interactions with others.

Overall, “Born to Win” is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to understand themselves better and to improve their quality of life. Muriel James and Dorothy Jongeward’s clear explanations and practical approach make the principles of Transactional Analysis accessible to a wide audience. This book remains a timeless guide for personal development and self-improvement, empowering readers to realize their potential and live more fulfilling lives.


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