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René Goscinny

Asterix And The Goths

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“Asterix and the Goths” is the third volume in the Asterix comic book series, written by René Goscinny and illustrated by Albert Uderzo. It was originally published in 1963. The story is set in the village of indomitable Gauls during the time of Julius Caesar’s rule over Gaul (modern-day France). The premise of the Asterix series is that the Gauls are the only group of people in the region who can resist Roman occupation due to a magic potion that grants superhuman strength.

In “Asterix and the Goths,” the chief’s nephew, Getafix the druid, is injured and loses his memory. This leads to a series of comedic events where Asterix and his friends must protect the weakened village from the invading Goths. The Goths, under the leadership of their king, are depicted as fearsome but are ultimately no match for the cleverness and strength of Asterix and his fellow villagers.

As with other Asterix adventures, the comic combines historical satire, clever wordplay, and humor, making it an entertaining and beloved entry in the series.


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