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Angels and Demons By Dan Brown

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Angels and Demons’ is a plot where a globally celebrated scientist, Leonardo Vetra of CERN Institute, Switzerland is killed and a mystifying symbol is branded into his torso. The Vatican, Rome: The College of Cardinals has gathered for deciding upon a new Pope. Underneath the gathering lies a bomb which is extremely powerful and is persistently reckoning towards destruction.

Professor Robert Langdon of Harvard has to decode a complex track consisting of some prehistoric symbols in order to overpower people who are guilty. He is stunned upon coming to terms with the fact that Illuminati, a secret society that was declared as vanished some 400 years ago, is still very much into action, as their ancient symbol was the one that was found on the dead scientist’s chest. The main goal of Illuminati has always been to go against the Catholic Church and its preaching. So, Langdon and Vittoria, who is Vetra’s daughter set upon a thrilling search in order to hunt for that particular nucleon-bomb substance which has been fixed under the Vatican City to destroy the city and its significant civilization.




44 reviews for Angels and Demons By Dan Brown

  1. Naveen Nausi (Verified Purchase)

    This is the first book of the Robert Langdon series by Dan Brown. If suspense – thriller is your thing then definitely buy this one.
    Physically, the pages are of good quality and so is the cover, nothing exceptional there.

  2. Subranil Saha (Verified Purchase)

    Dan Brown takes us into a hasty journey to an unpredictable storyline. This is my first book of Dan Brown, and i must say i have become his fan.
    If you love trillers and are looking something which is quite different from all those murder mysteries, go for this one.

  3. mitul vadadoriya (Verified Purchase)

    An amazing read. Would totally recommend this book to anyone. The paper and cover are of good quality for a many paged book.

  4. Sourav Das (Verified Purchase)

    This novel will give you a total roller coaster ride. Things just keep happening one after the other. The best part about this novel is that it catches the interest of ready in the very start. And you’re then forced to read it non stop. This novel is quite big but you’ll finish it in no time. It also give you knowledge about ancient history of rome and their culture.

  5. Chakravarthi LOLLA (Verified Purchase)

    Wow! Simply Wow. A heck of roller-coaster ride. Fast-paced, breathless thriller. If you are fan of reading Thriller/Mystery books, this is the one you need to read first before reading anything. I was so -so fascinated and was involved by the plot Dan Brown has depicted in this book “Angles & Demons”. The description of Vatican City had made feeling in my mind just to visit Sacred city once in my life. Thanks Dan Brown for such a wonderful real-time adventure.

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