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Jacqueline O'Brien, Peter Harbison

Ancient Ireland: From Prehistory to the Middle Ages by Jacqueline O’Brien and Peter Harbison (Color Illustrated Hardcover)

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“Ancient Ireland: From Prehistory to the Middle Ages” by Jacqueline O’Brien and Peter Harbison is a detailed exploration of Ireland’s history, spanning from its earliest human settlements to the end of the medieval period. The book examines the rich and complex tapestry of Ireland’s past, covering significant archaeological, cultural, and historical developments.

The narrative begins with prehistoric Ireland, shedding light on the island’s first inhabitants and their way of life. It explores the evidence left behind by these early settlers, such as megalithic tombs, stone circles, and other ancient structures. The book provides insight into the Neolithic, Bronze Age, and Iron Age periods, discussing the evolution of tools, dwellings, and societal structures.

Moving forward, the authors delve into the arrival of the Celts, whose influence profoundly shaped Irish culture and society. They discuss the introduction of ironworking, the construction of impressive hill forts, and the rich tradition of Celtic art and mythology. The book also covers the advent of Christianity in Ireland, highlighting the pivotal role played by figures such as St. Patrick. The establishment of monasteries and the creation of illuminated manuscripts like the Book of Kells are examined, showcasing Ireland’s contribution to European religious and cultural life during the early medieval period.

The Viking invasions and their impact on Ireland are thoroughly analyzed, including the establishment of settlements and the integration of Norse culture into Irish society. The book also covers the Norman invasion and its consequences, detailing the changes in governance, architecture, and land ownership that ensued.

Jacqueline O’Brien and Peter Harbison, both experts in Irish history and archaeology, bring a wealth of knowledge and a keen eye for detail to this work. The book is richly illustrated with photographs, maps, and drawings that help to visualize the artifacts, landscapes, and historical sites discussed.

“Ancient Ireland: From Prehistory to the Middle Ages” is aimed at history enthusiasts, scholars, and anyone interested in understanding the deep historical roots of Ireland. Its comprehensive coverage, combined with engaging prose and visual aids, makes it an invaluable resource for those looking to explore Ireland’s ancient past. The book successfully captures the essence of Ireland’s historical journey, offering readers a thorough and vivid account of the island’s development from prehistoric times through the medieval era.


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