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Agatha Christie Collected Works Curtain and Sleeping Murder (Illustrated Hardcover)

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“Agatha Christie Collected Works: Curtain and Sleeping Murder” presents two of Agatha Christie’s most intriguing and suspenseful mysteries, showcasing her unparalleled talent for crafting intricate plots and memorable characters.

In “Curtain,” readers are reunited with the legendary Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, for one final and gripping case. Set in the tranquil countryside of Styles, the novel finds Poirot, now elderly and frail, attempting to solve a murder that occurs in the same location where he had solved his first case many years ago. As Poirot’s little grey cells are put to the test one last time, the novel delivers a riveting and emotionally charged conclusion to the iconic detective’s career.

“Sleeping Murder” introduces readers to another captivating mystery, this time featuring Miss Marple, Christie’s beloved amateur sleuth. Newlyweds Gwenda and Giles Reed move into a charming old house, but Gwenda begins to experience unsettling flashes of memory tied to a murder she witnessed as a child. Miss Marple steps in to help unravel the secrets of the past and solve the perplexing “sleeping murder.” The novel is a masterful blend of psychological suspense and astute detective work.

This collection is a treasure trove for fans of Agatha Christie, offering a double dose of her trademark suspense, cunningly crafted puzzles, and impeccable storytelling. “Agatha Christie Collected Works: Curtain and Sleeping Murder” is a must-read for anyone who appreciates the art of a well-crafted mystery, and it serves as a fitting tribute to two of Christie’s most iconic detectives, Poirot and Miss Marple.


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